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About Islam; Do Non-Muslims Go To Heaven?

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The Quran gives us numerous particular petitions that we may use for ourselves. The Quran contains the Contact Prayers in Sura 1, just as different petitions of supplication and recognition. A rundown of Quranic petitions is given here. God prompts us in Sura 2, Verse 186: When My workers inquire as to Myself, I am constantly close. I answer their petitions when they appeal to Me...

For the sake of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The absolute first petition we experience in the Quran is the Contact Prayers. These are the particular words utilized by Muslims five times each day for Salat. Sura 1 (The Key), Verses 1-7: "Acclaim be to GOD, Lord of the universe. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Ace of the Day of Judgment. Only you we venerate; only you we request help. Guide us in the correct way; the way of those whom You favored; not of the individuals who have merited fury, nor of the strayers."

Other Quranic petitions are;

[2:128] "Our Lord, make us submitters to You, and from our relatives let there be a network of submitters to You. Show us the rituals of our religion, and recover us. You are the Redeemer, Most Merciful."

[2:201] "Our Lord, award us nobility in this world, and uprightness in the Hereafter, and extra us the requital of Hell."

[2:250] "Our Lord, award us faithfulness, reinforce our a dependable balance, and bolster us against the doubting individuals."

[2:286] "Our Lord, don't censure us on the off chance that we overlook or commit errors. Our Lord, and shield us from reviling against You, similar to those before us have done. Our Lord, shield us from erring until it turns out to be past the point of no return for us to atone. Excuse us and pardon us. You are our Lord and Master. Award us triumph over the doubting individuals."

[3:8] "Our Lord, let not our hearts falter, since You have guided us. Give us Your leniency; You are the Grantor."

[3:16] "Our Lord, we have accepted, so excuse us our wrongdoings, and extra us the anguish of the hellfire."

[3:26-27] "Our god: owner of all power. You award power to whomever You pick, You expel sway from whomever You pick. You award nobility to whomever You pick, and focus on mortification whomever You pick. In Your grasp are generally arrangements. You are Omnipotent. You consolidate the night into the day, and union the day into the night. You produce the living from the dead, and produce the dead from the living, and You accommodate whomever You pick, unbounded."

[3:147] "Our Lord, pardon us our wrongdoings, and our offenses, reinforce our a dependable balance, and award us triumph over the doubters."

[3:191-192] "Our Lord, You didn't make this futile. Be You celebrated. Spare us from the reprisal of Hell. Our Lord, whomever You focus on Hell are the ones You have neglected. Such violators have no aides."

[3:193-194] "Our Lord, we have heard a guest calling to confidence and announcing: 'You will put stock in your Lord,' and we have accepted. Our Lord, pardon us our offenses, transmit our wrongdoings, and let us bite the dust as exemplary adherents. Our Lord, give us the gifts you guaranteed us through Your delivery people, and don't spurn us on the Day of Resurrection. You never break a guarantee."

[6:162-163] "My Contact Prayers (Salat), my love rehearses, my life and my demise, are altogether dedicated completely to GOD alone, the Lord of the universe. He has no accomplice. This is the thing that I am instructed to accept, and I am the first to submit."

[7:23] "Our Lord, we have wronged our spirits, and except if You pardon us and show kindness toward us, we will be washouts."

[7:126] "Our Lord, award us faithfulness, and let us bite the dust as submitters."

[7:155-156] "...You are our Lord and Master, so pardon us, give us Your leniency; You are the best Forgiver. What's more, order for us honorableness in this world, and in the Hereafter. We have atoned to You."

[10:10] ...Their supplication in that (in the Gardens of Bliss) is: "Be You celebrated, our god," their welcome in that is, "Harmony," and their definitive petition is: "Commendation be to GOD, Lord of the universe."

[10:85-86] "We trust in GOD. Our Lord, spare us from the abuse of these severe individuals. Convey us, with Your leniency, from the doubting individuals."

[11:47] "My Lord, I look for shelter in You, in case I entreat You ...for something I don't have the foggiest idea. Except if You pardon me, and show benevolence toward me, I will be with the washouts."

[12:101] "My Lord, ...Initiator of the sky and the earth; You are my Lord and Master in this life and in the Hereafter. Give me a chance to bite the dust as a submitter, and check me with the equitable."

[14:35] "My Lord, make this a tranquil land, and shield me and my kids from loving icons."

[14:40-41] "My Lord, make me one who reliably watches the Contact Prayers (Salat), and furthermore my youngsters. Our Lord, kindly answer my supplications. My Lord, excuse me ...and the adherents, on the day when the retribution happens."

[17:80] "My Lord, concede me a respectable permission, and let me leave a noteworthy flight, and award me from You a ground-breaking support."

[17:111] "Applause be to GOD, who has never generated a child, nor does He have an accomplice in His sovereignty, nor does He need any partner out of shortcoming."

[18:10] "Our Lord, give us Your kindness, and favor our undertakings with Your direction."

[18:14] "Our solitary Lord is the Lord of the sky and the earth. We will never love some other god adjacent to Him. Else, we would be far off track."

[23:94] "My Lord, let me not be one of the violating individuals."

[23:97-98] "My Lord, I look for asylum in You from the murmurs of the fallen angels. What's more, I look for shelter in You, my Lord, in case they draw close to me."

[23:109; 118] "Our Lord, we have accepted, so excuse us and give us kindness. Of all the forgiving ones, You are the Most Merciful."

[25:65-66] "Our Lord, save us the misery of Hell; its retaliation is shocking. It is the most noticeably terrible residence; most exceedingly terrible predetermination."

[25:74] "Our Lord, let our life partners and youngsters be a wellspring of euphoria for us, and keep us in the front line of the upright."

[26:83-87] "My Lord, award me insight, and incorporate me with the honest. Give the model I a chance to set for the future ages be a decent one. Make me one of the inheritors of the happy Paradise... What's more, don't neglect me on the Day of Resurrection."

[27:19] "My Lord, direct me to be keen to the favors You have offered to me and my folks, and to do the equitable works that please You. Concede me by Your benevolence into the organization of Your upright hirelings."

[28:16] "My Lord, I have wronged my spirit. It would be ideal if you pardon me."

[28:21] "My Lord, spare me from the abusive individuals."

[28:22] "May my Lord direct me in the correct way."

[28:24] "My Lord, whatever arrangement you send to me, I am in desperate requirement for it."

[37:100] "My Lord, award me upright youngsters."

[43:13-14] As you lay over (what you ride on), you will acknowledge such a gift from your Lord, and state, "Greatness be to the One who curbed this for us. We couldn't have controlled them independent from anyone else. We eventually come back to our Lord."

[46:15] "My Lord, direct me to welcome the favors You have gave to me and upon my folks, and to do the honest works that please You. Give my youngsters a chance to be noble also. I have atoned to You; I am a submitter."

[59:10] "Our Lord, pardon us and our brethren who went before us to the confidence, and shield our hearts from harboring any scorn towards the individuals who accepted. Our Lord, You are Compassionate, Most Merciful."

[60:4-5] "Our Lord, we trust in You, and submit to You; to You is the last predetermination. Our Lord, let us not be mistreated by the individuals who questioned, and excuse us. You are the Almighty, Most Wise."

[66:8] "Our Lord, ideal our light for us, and pardon us; You are Omnipotent."

[71:28] "My Lord, excuse me and my folks, and any individual who enters my home as a devotee, and all the accepting men and women..."

[112:1-4] "He is the One and just GOD. The Absolute GOD. Never did He bring forth. Nor was He conceived. None rises to Him."

[113:1-5] "I look for shelter in the Lord of sunrise. From the shades of malice among His manifestations. From the shades of malice of haziness as it falls. From the disasters of the troublemakers. From the shades of malice of the desirous when they envy."

[114:1-6] "I look for asylum in the Lord of the individuals. The King of the individuals. The divine force of the individuals. From the shades of malice of tricky whisperers. Who murmur into the chests of the individuals. Be they of the jinns, or the individuals."

[3:18; 47:19] GOD takes the stand there is no god aside from He, thus do the heavenly attendants and the individuals who have information ... "There is no other god adjacent to GOD," and solicit absolution from your wrongdoings and the transgressions of all accepting people.

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