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Viewing Islam Through a Different Lens

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On the morning of September 11, 2001 the lives of Americans, and those in the remainder of the word, were changed until the end of time. It was on this day that we were stirred to something to which we had never really thought about, fear based oppression. While there had been arbitrary acts, for example, the Oklahoma City besieging, the principal World Trade Center bombarding, the Unibomber, or Waco, those carrying out these wrongdoings were generally Americans. They appeared as though us, talked like us and experienced childhood in our urban areas and towns. The wrongdoings of 9/11 were executed by a gathering of "Thems" from nations a large portion of us never knew about, not to mention visited. Americans, "We", by and by had a "Them" to point to and fault.

In the course of recent years following 9/11 there have been numerous moves and much talk making place with regards to a "war on fear." Putting aside the semantics of such kindled language and the activities they advance, I need to address certain frames of mind, convictions and estimations of those engaged with an issue that has become a hotly debated issue in numerous circles of American life. In the course of recent months the issue of building mosques has become a point of hot discussion. From President Obama to the blogosphere, it appears that everybody has a conclusion. What are these assessments dependent on and how are they influencing our comprehension of our strict opportunities and the United States Constitution?

We have been raised to accept there are constantly different sides to an issue, yours and mine. I have come to accept there are three sides to a story, yours, mine and reality. Consider the possibility that there were a few realities, how might that change the discourse and discussion. With regards to issues of the day we essentially hear two view focuses on a given subject, left and right. These two perspectives have gotten so spellbound in the previous thirty years that each side can't hear what the opposite side is stating.

News in the United States has cycles and those with the most intense voices are the ones that get heard. The voices of the moderate view focuses on the two sides of the political range are regularly muffled. This has lead to a general sentiment of lack of concern among the people.

What I am recommending is another kind of exchange; another method for taking a gander at issues. Else we are destined to the continuation of business as usual, similar to the rodent in the famous labyrinth, simple to enter yet always unable to discover out.

Mosques in America gracious my!

The issue of mosques in America is the most recent in a long queue of glimmer point issues. Time magazine's August 30,2010 spread asks, "Is America Islamophobic?" The boundaries on the two sides of this issue end up in a foamy turmoil. These are the extremists and fire hurlers who feel it is their undeniable right to feed the blazes of bigotry heaving bombs, verbally or truly, at each other. As of now we are being given issues over mosque's being proposed or being worked in New York City, two squares from the World Trade Center, Mufreesboro,Tennessee, and in Temecula, California. I take a gander at the Temecula mosque, yet what pursues can and applies to any of the proposed mosques.

There is an appearing banter between the individuals who bolster the manufacturers of the Temecula mosque and the individuals who are restricted. The talk from the two sides of this issue resembles a house tore from its establishment in a tornado with flotsam and jetsam flying all over the place. It doesn't appear to make a difference to those contradicting the structure of this mosque and public venue that there is as of now a current rehearsing network of Muslim admirers in Temecula.

There is be that as it may, no genuine discussion occurring. Rather what we have are individuals on the two sides of the issue pointing fingers at each other and calling names, all for the sake of exemplary nature. Check whether you can suspend your deduction mind for a couple of seconds and envision you have two TVs sitting one next to the other, one is airing MSNBC and the other Fox. Here is the thing that we would hear when we increase the volume:

MSNBC: Madam, you bolster the structure of the mosque in Temecula what's your opinion of the individuals who contradict the structure of this mosque?

Supporter Guest-"Not exclusively are these dissidents woefully uneducated about Islam and Muslims, their bold fanaticism is amazing. I discover it completely astounding that American natives in 2010 showcase so gladly their obliviousness, preference, and scorn of whole classes of individuals; that they are calling for teasing "the foe" with things they as far as anyone knows aversion; and pushing for the copying of books, what with every one of the undertones of Nazi Germany that raises."

Fox: Sir, you would one say one are of the protestors who restrict the structure of this mosque, would you be able to clarify why that is?

Protestor Guest-"It's an ideal opportunity to discover the mental fortitude to stand up and stand up and shield our freedom regardless of the neighborhood, left-inclining papers and their professional unlawful migrant, expert islamist radical publications and articles. We won't give up to political accuracy - we will battle this!" We dread the mosque will bring undesirable traffic and clamor, just as pull in Islamic radicals.

In the wake of tuning in to the two "voices of reason" a few things stick out. It is the words and the speculation behind them that is significant. Words, for example, uneducated, fanaticism, obliviousness, preference, scorn, Nazi, left-inclining, ace unlawful worker, star islamist, radical. These words have a negative implication and just aggravate the issue.

Presently envision we welcome the two visitors from MSNBC and Fox to plunk down together with a mediator on CBS to talk about and banter the structure of this mosque. Given the present poisonous condition there would be a yelling match, and talking more than each other. The language utilized by the two visitors is indeed bitter; "bias, numbness, preference, disdain, Nazi, left-inclining, master illicit outsider, expert islamist, and radical." At the finish of this exchange and discussion nothing has been cultivated, and in truth it might prompt individuals getting increasingly dug in their conviction of being correct. Sadly this is the means by which the American open are frequently exhibited such significant issues. Is anyone surprised there is such an elevated level of lack of care among the American crowded.

An alternate discussion!

There is another method for conveying, tuning in and understanding each other. At the point when we filter through the entirety of the radicals and fire hurlers shouts and tirades we discover some trace of legitimacy in what each is stating. Indeed, that is right there is truth in what each is stating. What are those certainties?

The greater part of us brought up in America are lamentably moderately uninformed with regards to Islam. As a general public, and given our geographic outskirts, the presentation to Islam and being a Muslim is generally restricted to what we hear on TV, read in distributions or read on the web, on the off chance that one is slanted. Hence, except if one willingly volunteers to consider the Islamic culture, their insight will be constrained to the understanding and convictions of others, regardless of whether such convictions are base upon truth. What are these constraints? An individual's perspective, discernments and worth frameworks all assistance to shape how individuals think about their reality.

Question - Are those fighting the structure of mosques bias? Maybe not. We as a whole realize that partiality does even now exist in this nation.

Question - Do the nonconformists despise each individual that is Muslim? Likely not. I would envision if the nonconformists were to take an interest in a meet and welcome with people from Islamic people group, that over a brief timeframe the dread that exists would dissipate clearing a path for genuine exchange to happen.

Question - Do a few mosques in the West draw in Islamic fanatics? Indeed. This is a reported certainty. This has been valid in any event the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. At present one of the most infamous fear based oppressors on the planet invested energy rehearsing in a San Diego, California mosque before his possible move to Yemen.

Question - Are for the most part mosques rearing reason for psychological militants? No. This view point is one of obliviousness and dread.

Question - Are those supporting the structure of these mosques star islamists and radicals? Presumably not. There might be some who offer this perfect however unquestionably in the minority.

Question - Is there dread and misconstruing with respect to this issue? Completely. We are dreadful of that which we don't comprehend, or that which we see as a risk.

The employments of words aggravate an issue.

Other than the utilization of the notorious N-word the second most noticeably terrible thing you can call an individual in this nation is a Nazi. In the event that somebody considers you a Nazi it is similar to having a red letter marked on your chest. It is a genuine discussion plug.

At the point when one stands up and takes a stand in opposition to guarding our freedom a profound line is contacted in numerous Americans who feel that they live in the best nation on the planet. "Pleased to be an American" and "America love it or leave it", additionally contact that line. This isn't something to be trifled with or ignored.

The guarding of strict freedom is a key piece of the Constitution of the United States of America. Strict opportunity assumed a significant job in the establishing of this nation. We have all been raised with this conviction. Protecting this freedom is significant. Anyway when the individuals who dissent the structure of mosques call the individuals who bolster the Constitutional right of Muslims to construct mosques professional islamists, and fanatics, this lone serves to fan the flares of narrow mindedness.

What is the point?

The fact of the matter is that the two sides are correct. In the event that you strip away the talk and ridiculing the two gatherings are correct given their present life conditions and worth frameworks on the grounds that these conditions and qualities give the focal points which they see the world.

This world is made out of some 6.8 billion people all in different phases of human advancement. One of the approaches to see improvement depends on an individual's life conditions and their resultant esteems dependent on those conditions. On the off chance that we are to have helpful discourse

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