Wednesday, 30 October 2019

What's So Hard to Understand About Islam?

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every day the headlines verify what we already understand. the ideology of islam is archaic and has no area in cutting-edge society. yet, we have leaders round the world who deny, cover up, pander and support the reason of a tyrannical, totalitarian machine of presidency. what is so tough to understand?

each motion produces a response. if we plant corn seeds, we get corn. if we plant flower seeds we don't just get any flower; we get the specific kind of flower we planted. we feed the bears within the wild, and they may come to depend on our generosity and if we stop giving they come to be competitive. life isn't always hard to understand. movement and reaction.

i am struck by means of analyzing headlines across one of a kind news stores with the same acquainted subject. take a look. university of critical florida: muslim arrested for "inappropriately touching women" difficult to imagine someone in the west not understanding this is inaccurate. yet, we see day by day headlines of this occurring in europe, dedicated with the aid of young muslim men. in europe, it's far worse. "german ladies in fear: new anti-rape pants sell out in no time" are you able to consider you stay in this sort of time this is considered a 'normal' reaction to rape? what do not we understand? it is insanity.

we journey to malaysia, a muslin us of a and locate this headline. malaysia: muslim who beat his 9-yr-antique daughter to demise could "recite the quran throughout the night time." who does that? or do this on for length. canada:  muslims convicted of forcing 15-12 months-vintage female and two different ladies into prostitution. once more, who does that? muslim guys do this the world over.

we journey to india and locate the equal behavior. india: muslims slit hindu's throat for dating a muslim woman. who does that? have you ever heard of a hindu putting out on this manner? how approximately a catholic? inside the united kingdom, in which their lifestyle is being rapidly turned again centuries, we find, uk: muslim teenagers repeatedly rape women at gunpoint in her personal home and in the back of a mosque. but, we are continually informed, by means of our leaders and the media, behavior like this is regular. what? it may have been 'ordinary' 1,four hundred years ago, however it is not normal these days.

the islamic ideology is like an infectious disease that turns individuals into something apart from they are. are all muslims awful? of direction not. is the islamic ideology bad? absolutely. a sensible man as soon as said, 'by way of their culmination, ye shall recognise them.' since the tragedy of 11th of September at the world exchange middle, the ideology of islam has murdered over 30,000 humans, with over 80% of those killed were muslims killed through different muslims. how can the media and our leaders deal with this as 'everyday'?

what different ideology migrates to an accepting kingdom after which seeks to trade it at each flip to what they left. take this headline. oregon: muslim inmate sues nation over failure to provide halal meals. here's a younger guy who beat and raped a young girl, despatched to jail and is worrying and suing for his 'right' to a spiritual meal. we see it every day in needs to 'not serve' ham, take a drivers license picture with a mask on and stop work so we can have a prayer. and oh, by the way, provide a special area for me to do it. there's no cease to the demands of islam.

the ideology manifests itself in many methods. uganda: convert from islam to christianity says "the muslims are seeking to kill me" are you able to name any religion in the world, out of doors of islam, that has doctrine and teaches to kill folks who depart the faith? name one? it's miles insanity to disregard this conduct. with islam comes the practiced are of double-dealing. egypt: muslims who attacked church get no jail time, christian fined $20,383 for unlicensed church. even as this situation is in egypt, it happens throughout europe and canada every day. the judicial device is pandering to islam.

what's so tough to recognize? we within the west are invaded by means of an ideology this is incompatible with loose society. it's miles excessive time we take the blinders off, pull our collective heads out of the sand and notice the mild of what is going on, now not what they'd like us to suppose is happening.

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